Nelson is a nine-years old boy from Villa Margarita (Sucre). One day he went to visit with his aunt and went upstairs to play. While playin in the terrace of the house he got distracted and fell down 8.2 feet and lost his knowledge.

Thankfully his family took him to a hospital, where he receive first aid, and then he was transferred to the Children’s Hospital. Nelson received oportune and appropriate care for his case: blood tests, sonograms, tomographies, etc.

Nelson’s parents did a great and unexpected effort to pay the expenses of this accident, as they depend of the only income of the father who is a taxi driver. But thanks God and that Food for the Hungry Bolivia offers an insurance for accidents to the children in its program, the Ruiz family will recover most of what they have spent.

FH works with the most vulnerable to reach tranformation. With this insurance our children are less vulnerable to suffer sequelae for life. This year 10 thousand children have access to this insurance.

The pilot Project of Insurance for Accidents of FH Bolivia also reaches children of Cochabamba’s peri urban área. There is where Rose Mary, a thirteen year old girl was playing in the second storie of her house and fell on the power cables and hit the floor. Sadly, she was seriously burn and suffered fractures. Her story would continue in a great debt of her parents to cover the medical expenses. But it is not like that as she is being benefited by the open system of our insurance for accidents. God willing, Rose Mary will come out of intensive care and continue a recovery process. We are happy to be an organization present to alíviate the pain and sorrow of families.  

Nelson recovering after the accident


Location: Bolivia


February 2019 – January 2020


9500 children


FH Bolivia


Health and Sponsorship


Total budget: $us 22000