FH Bolivia serves in Cochabamba, north of Potosi, where child malnutrition rates are high. We also serve locals and migrants from other places of the country in the outskirts of the city


  • Capital: Cochabamba
  • Population: 1.9 million (Census 2012)
  • Languages: Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara
  • Cochabamba is known for its gastronomy. It is located in a fertile valley at 2,558 feet above sea level.

Our History in Cochabamba

FH Bolivia has been serving in the Cochabamba department since 1997. FH supported the development of Capinota’s municipality and exited after successfully working in 20 communities. In Tapacai, FH worked in 40 communities.

Current work:

Communities: 46

Sponsored children: 5230    

C2C relationships: 3


Key challenges:

Until 2025 four communities of District 8 will graduate.

Please, support us in prayer for the new work zone where FH will transfer its work force.