Bolivia is located in the center of South America. Its land is varied with Andes mountains, valleys, and the tropical forest of the Amazon. Its capital city is Sucre, which is located in the Chuquisaca department. Sucre is known as the “Four names city.” It hosts college students from all over the country. The weather is warm and dry.


  • Capital: Sucre
  • Population: 581,347
  • Language: Spanish and Quechua
  • Sucre is the seat of the Judiciary Power

Our History in Chuquisaca

FH Bolivia started to work in Ocuri and Ravelo, municipalities of Chuquisaca, in the nineties. In 1998, the FH office was located in Potosi city. In 2003, FH began working under the Child Development Program (PDN) in the department. Now, FH works with communities in the outskirts of Sucre city and Poroma municipality.  

Current work

Communities: 64

Sponsored children: 12,231    

Church to community (C2C) relationships: 5

Key challenges

Until 2025 11 communities of Districts 2 and 3 of Sucre and Poroma will graduate.

Please pray for the new zones where the projects will be transferred.