Safe water for all and forever

What do we do?

We lead the design and execution process of projects of access to safe water and decent bathrooms in vulnerable communities.

Why do we do it?

Because it is fare that all families have access to safe water and other sanitation services in order to have full life quality.

How do we do it?

We create alliances with municipal governments, private companies, communities, churches and others in order to finance water and sanitation projects.

We lead the Bolivia con Agua consortium, which is composed by five NGO in order to expand our reach and provide a complete, high quality service according to the experience and expertise of each one of them.

We raise awareness and empower through specialized communication strategies.

We build water infrastructure from the shooting work, water networks, water storage tanks, distribution network, works that are completed with complementary works and domestic connections with laundry facilities.

We execute infraestructure sanitation projects for schools.

We train to Water Service Providers (EPSA) to guarantee the sustainability of water projects.

With whom?


  • Municipal authorities.
  • Community authorities.
  • Parents.
  • Schools
  • Executives
  • Foreign churches.

3300 benefited families


Through this Project we give effective solutions of water to vulnerable families in our work zones. Thus, they can improve their nutrition, health, hygiene and food production.


La Paz (El Alto)

Cochabamba (Municipio Cochabamba, Arbieto and Tapacarí)

Chuquisaca (Sucre, Poroma)

Potosí (Toro Toro, Acasio and San Pedro de Buena Vista).