Potosi is a department at the Southwest of Bolivia. It is known by its great mineral richness, for which is the fifth biggest department of the country in economy participation. It has 16 provinces, in which two of them FH Bolivia is present.

Department data

  • Capital: Potosi city
  • Population: 828093 people
  • Languages: Spanish and Quechuan

Our history in Potosi

FH worked in Potosi since the end of the 80’s decade until 1999. In 2002 FH started working in Torotoro, a municipality of Charcas province. In 2018 the work in Acasio was started, in the same province, and in 2021 a work agreement was signed with San Pedro of Buena Vista.

Current Work

Communities: 13

Sponsored children: 636

Families: 1547


Until 2025 six communities of Torotoro will graduate and will be transferred to San Pedro de Buena Vista.