What do we do?

We strengthen leadership skills and work with the local church on community development.

Why do we do it?

Leaders are appointed by God to understand His intentions and develop their communities.

How do we do it?

We strengthen leaders through the following interventions:


We develop training sessions with leaders using the experiential teaching model, based on its guiding principles.


We walk alongside the leaders as they manage projects in their communities.


We build relationships with community leaders to encourage behavioral change in regards to serving their communities.


We strengthen the church in the services they provide to children and families.


We strengthen the church leadership in its role of serving the community.

We strengthen municipalities with sustainable activities.  

Who do we work with?

The child-focused community transformation work is done in partnership with:


  • Municipal and district authorities
  • Formal and natural community leaders
  • Church leaders

“The community was disoriented about values. Children did not consider God in their lives, teenagers were way off and mothers were  neglecting the development of the little ones. Now, with the support of FH we notice that the youth have alternatives, they do not necessarely have to be like their parents, instead, they can change their history and have hope when they are in contact with God.”