What do we do?

We serve the most vulnerable communities in Bolivia, aiming to reduce children malnutrition and ultimately, graduate communities from extreme poverty. We are in line with the policies and programs of the national government.

Why we do it?

We’re moved and inspired by God’s love for the most vulnerable and serve in the hardest places. We seek restoration by following the call of God, responding to human suffering, and graduating communities from extreme poverty.

How we do it?

Our work is possible thanks to the generous contributions of sponsors and other strategic partners, which are used to support our projects:

  • Strengthening Community and Church Leadership (Leadership)
  • Mother and Child Nutrition Programs (Health)
  • Family Agriculture for Food Security (Livelihoods)
  • Developing Children’s Potential (Education)

Who do we work with?

Our CFCT model is achieved through the participation of:


  • Correspondent national ministries
  • Municipal and district authorities
  • Formal and natural community leaders
  • Church leaders
  • Families
  • Children