FH work under the model of Child Focused Community Transformation. From outside it may look like none our actions are directly related to children, but it is like that. We work with communities in a wholistic way in order to create an appropriate environment for children’s growth.

Years before we visited to some households in communities where we work. It was sad that some parents said that their children were not going to attend school next year because they did not have enough money to pay for the supplies and/or the uniform.

We know that education is a fundamental factor for a healthy society; therefore, we have a specific project to work with parents and caregivers. One of the impactful actions is to give a school pack to each child of our program. This year it is a school bag, notebooks and color pencils.

It fills our hearts to see the smiles of children as they receive something nice and useful for them to learn. In total 18586 boys and girls in school age of the most vulnerable municipalities of Bolivia have received this kit.

We do not provide them with the whole supplies list first because FH does not have enough resources to do it. Secondly, because we know that we as organization are not responsible primarily to provide for this need.

We help because we believe that some help can encourage the parents of children to see that they are not alone in the effort.

God decided to communicate with the humanity through His Written Word, therefore we know that it is very important to work for everyone to be able to read and get to know the Living Verb.


your health, safety or security you should immediately inform the Country Director or his/her delegate and your supervisor or Global Security immediately. If you are not able to access full information or still have concerns, then you should not continue your trip until the situation is rectified.