Bringing the Kingdom of God to Poroma

The work in development takes a lot of time. We know that development workers will not probably see the results of their efforts. Also it is not the work of just one person or organisation. Many factors play a role in the process.
Jose and his wife Guillermina have five children. They live in Poroma, a rural municipality in Chuquisaca. Because of the bad financial situation many people migrate to work in other places of the country. When he was living in Santa Cruz he was invite to a church where he learned about the good news of salvation. After such great Discovery he did not doubt about returning to his town to share them. In the begining it wasn’t easy, he was rejected by his neighbors and relatives, but they could also see the difference in his life and consider to follow him.
Jose and his brother Eliodor pastor the church in Poroma. For many years the church met in their house until a couple of years ago when they started to build their temple with their own hands.
Since Food for the Hungry is working in Poroma, pastor Jose has been empowered to change his attitude of service towards the community. Helping the families he teaches about the Kingdom of God. “In the beginning the families rejected listening to the góspel” he remembers.
The Aracas grow corn in their field and eat it and sell the rest. Jose did not know about the importance of eating vegetables. Therefore he did not produce them for his family. But now he has a garden and FH is helping him to grow fruit trees too. Besides that, he started producing humus earthworm humus, which will help him to improve his incomes.
Along his church Jose serves his community. They have learn to plan every year including activities of Street cleaning, cleaning the town square, participation in demonstrations and faires.

“I was sad to see that I was not helping my family, my brothers in the church and my neighbors as God wants me to do it, and I was ashamed of that. Now I feel happy to serve my community. Whe Food for the Hungry started working in this area I was happy because they helped me to understand more about the Word of God, which allowed me to anounce the gospel with strength and confidence. I hope to learn to be a better christian and father, and to be and example to my community Poroma”.